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love is forever"



Military Appearances






Theresa and David Wright



JUNE 22nd, 2010

Thanks to Elly and Steve Hammerman and Saul and Iris Katz

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My third original CD, "Alive Again" is ready!! I am honored to have guest talent giants Jon Herington from Steely Dan, monster guitarist and friend Nick Moroch, drummer Shawn Pelton from the Saturday Night Live Band, and gospel/bluegrass sensation Ollabelle, joining my band on this album.  We're getting great response to the Bread remake, "It Don't Matter To Me" and my own remake of my song "Even As You Walk Away".  To hear tracks and purchase your own copy for only $14 including the shipping and handling, go to



There was a substantial article on me in New York Magazine Oct. 1, 2004.  The piece is a brutally honest representation of my accident and how it has affected my life and career.  It was courageously told by writer and friend Greg Williams.  I thank all of you for your continued support.  Go to link:





Warrior Transition Battalion Tour in Germany and Italy

May 1 - 14, 2010

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Thank you to Chaplain Charles Howell and Chaplain James Griffith

for this incredible opportunity to perform for/ inspire our outstanding wounded military!



Singer/Songwriter Theresa Sareo keynote speaker at National Press Conference with Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer at Bellevue Hospital in NYC, Monday, February 5, 2007




I was extremely  proud to be part of this very important International Press Conference with NY Senators Clinton and Schumer, advocating against Bush's proposal to cut nearly 80 billion dollars in Medicaid/Medicare and funding to public hospitals.  Click here to read my speech, representing Bellevue, the largest public hospital in NYC, where I was saved and rehabilitated, and other issues.  It was a dream-come-true to be able to speak from my heart on issues that have meant a great deal to me.  Do let me know what you think--no matter where you 'stand' : )



My "ALIVE AGAIN" CD got an AWESOME  review by writer and music critic Mark Fogarty from Boomerbox.com.  Thank you so much Mark!  Please take a look:

Mark Fogarty Review

Give Mark a shout and let him know what you think--and me too! 










"Your CD, Alive Again,...it's beautiful....incredible"

                                               Nancy Grace










I'm so happy to have been part of the Initiative for Women with Disabilities 10th Year Anniversary Event on May 16th.  The IWD is part of NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases.  They've also just received a Christopher Reeves Quality of Life Grant for their new Young Women's Program which I'm honored to be involved with, which helps promote a healthy awareness and lifestyle for young adolescent disabled women.  For more information, contact  the IWD at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases at www.med.nyu.edu/hjd/iwd  











Embrace photo: Florence Mazzone

Theresa Sareo photo: Charlotta Amandasson

Alive Again photo: Janice L. Sugarman





























Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holding her copy of "Through A Soldier's Eyes" with Dr. Irene Rosner David at Bellevue Hospital


























Singing "It's Time For A Change"

at Nela Gala in Washington, D.C.


Photos: Max Taylor



On May 9th, 2007, I was asked to be a guest speaker at the 6th Annual Trauma Symposium at Jacoby Hospital in the Bronx.  The Symposium addressed medical and trauma issues for over 600 doctors, nurses and EMTs in the Tri-State area.  I met some amazing leading trauma specialists from around the country, who along with myself, brought added awareness to trauma recovery, long-term hospital care and living life with a disability.  I also performed songs from "Alive Again."  http://jacobitrauma.com/



"As a brave trauma survivor and grateful former patient of an HHC hospital, Theresa Sareo has graciously served as a powerful and compelling spokeswoman for Jacobi Medical Centerís Trauma Service.  She has a lovely voice, a repertoire of original pieces that is beautiful and profound in its message, and also is an absolute delight."    Barbara Delorio, Dir. Marketing & Public Relations at

                                                                                                                     Jacobi Medical Cente

"Alive Again" was part of an inspirational art exhibit in Madrid, Spain called the ONCE Biennial during the month of January.  The ONCE Foundation for Cooperation and Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities featured artists with disabilities, reflecting their feelings and life experiences from different nationalities, whose disabilities did not impede them from making works of high interest.  It also included artists who are not disabled, but whose works deal with disabilities.  The exhibit aimed to establish a presence and participate in the world of culture and art; to foster human abilities beyond physical, psychic and sensory limitations; and demonstrate how art is not only an emotional release and a source of inspiration for persons with disabilities, but also provides them an excellent vehicle for integration with society. The Once Biennial also included an exhibition, digital art and a photography workshop, music (featuring my CD "Alive Again" with lyrics in Spanish translation,) as well a cycle of conferences by scientists, thinkers and philosophers.  For more information, contact:



I was very honored to be the closing speaker at the third annual conference for the Delaware State Council of Emergency Nurses' Association on Friday, November 4th in Newark, Delaware.  It meant a lot to meet these amazing trauma nurses and especially, to share my music with them -- keep up the great work you special folk in Delaware!  And continued good luck with your awesome, state-of-the-art Christiana Care Trauma Facility in Dover.       www.ena.org

(Click on my Public Speaking Lectures  link above for more info about my lecture performances.)


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The moving single from Theresa Sareo is making it's way across America as the heart-filled anthem honoring wounded soldiers and their families who make the ultimate sacrifices for our country.


"And they will not be forgotten, and must never be denied

 For we shall hold them up with our respect and our pride

           So they can be proud and courageous, for everyone must know

       The meaning of their sacrifice--lies behind a Soldier's Eyes"


Watch the beautiful video of "Through A Soldier's Eyes"

that was made by Shamrock Communications on YouTube:




"We listen to your CD so much we are afraid it will break. I love your song, I cry every time I here it."              

Nina-sister of Corp. Raymond Hennagir/ triple amputee, with his family at the Malone House at Walter Reed.



"You embody the American spirit and what is good in America.  Your heartfelt song moved us and is truly inspirational..."

 Claude M. Bolton, Jr., Asst. Secretary of the Army (Retired)

 Aquisition, Logistics and Technology



"I listened to your song "Through a Soldier's Eyes" and it brought tears to my eyes. 

I am really touched by your dedication to the brave men and women that serve this wonderful country of ours."
Terry Hardin, Proud Army Mom of Spc. Kevin Hardin/brain injury


Go to www.myspace.com/theresasareo to hear this very special song for our wounded military.


        Best wishes and blessings to these outstanding American families.    

Love always, Theresa






Theresa Sareo sings "It's Time For A Change" in

Washington, D.C.


I had the honor of performing my original song "It's Time For A Change" for five of this country's most powerful women: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu and former congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro at the Sons of Italy Foundation's (SIF) Nela Gala on Thursday, May 24, 2007 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C.  Myself and singers JoAnn Robertozzi and Lorraine Ferro from the OSIA Centennial Lodge in Manhattan were flown to Washington for the annual black-tie Gala, hosted by actor Joe Mantegna, which awards scholarships to Italian/American college students as well as honoring popular Italian/Americans from the corporate, political and entertainment arenas.  Then Senator Clinton was asked to introduce Geraldine Ferraro, who was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award.  As many of you know, I first met Mrs. Clinton at a national press conference at Bellevue Hospital in NYC on February 5, 2007, where we were keynote speakers rallying in support of funding to public hospitals.  After that encounter, I was motivated to write an inspirational song for change.  It was amazing to be in the company of and perform for these leading American women!  


"It's Time For A Change" speaks from my heart about the possibilities that lie ahead for our country.  Listen to it and read the lyrics at my Myspace link.


"We can make the difference, you and me, 'cause







        Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Theresa Sareo and 

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi






Theresa sings at Shea Stadium!

It was a real blast to sing for the Mets at Shea for Italian Day with the OSIA Centennial Lodge on sunny Sunday, June 24.  I opened the pre-game show at home plate with the Napolitano classic "Ole Sole Mio."  What a thrill to have performed at the same stadium

where the Beatles' made their infamous American debut! 




And a loving shout-out to my fellow crime victim survivors who ran down from their seats to say "Hello!"


Law and Order debut on NBC

I, very coincidentally, was chosen to be in a background scene for a recent "Law And Order" episode called "Over Here" on May 11th where I played a wounded US soldier from Iraq recovering at a VA Hospital.  I had the pleasure of meeting about 40 other amazing amputees who were also part of the hospital scenes which made for a powerful and exciting experience.    www.nbc.com/Law_&_Order/


New Century 2007 People's Choice Awards
A big congratulations to YOU--THE GREATEST FANS ON EARTH!!!--for once again making me the act with the most votes ever in the 2007 New Century People's Choice Awards!  I won 3 of the 4 nominated categories: BEST RECORD, BEST ALBUM and BEST ADULT CONTEMPORARY SONG.  "Alive Again" deserves all this love because it's for all of you. 

 I will also be part of an upcoming documentary by actress Jill Kuirsky; a NYC actress living with Lupus.  It will also feature other local artists with challenges who are thriving in NY.  Keep an eye out for it at:   www.aimhighproductions.com



I sang the American and  Italian National Anthems on June 22nd for the 100th Anniversary of the Order Sons of Italy in America.  The event took place on the founding site at 203 Grand St., or "Sons of Italy Way".  OSIA is the largest and oldest organization for Americans of Italian descent.  Visit them at www.osia.org. 

I also performed at Hunter College campus' beautiful Mother of Italy Statue located on E. 68th St. between 3rd and Lexington.  The statue was donated to Hunter college in honor of all Italian immigrants who came to America and is one of NYC's hidden gems.  I was honored to be part of this event sponsored by the Italian Historical Society.  Be sure to visit the statue and it's beautiful courtyard on E. 68th St.


My motivational speaking performance at the Brooklyn College of Technology was a great success.  April was National Disability Awareness Month and I got to share my music, messages of survival and coping with life challenges with the school's department of disabled students, as well as staff and friends.  The students performed a talent show and I was so impressed with their poetic and musical abilities.  The world will be a better place with this next generation's deeply caring, expressive and self-aware young adults. Thank you again,  Faith Fogelman, for the opportunity! 

Onstage with the children of our military families at Ft. Eustis in Virginia, July 23, 2009

Photo by Commanding Chaplain (Col) Rick Garrison

Singing for the awesome troops at Ft. Lee in Virginia before they deploy, July 22, 2009

Photo by Sarah Trier

I was so thrilled to be a guest on Larry King Live on Wednesday, June 29The segment was called "Inspiring Stories" and featured myself and three others who were very graciously interviewed by popular TV personality, Nancy Grace.  I sincerely thank everyone who saw the show and for the hundreds of e-mails and responses  I received.  Please read the transcript of my interview here: 


Interview with Theresa and Nancy Grace